Solitaire! Plain and simple! This one has about a hundred different game modes under its belt. It's incredibly customizable as well, you can change the card backs to be whatever you'd like as well as the table and shit like that. I love playing with this program.

TETFUN 2000 g

My personal favorite of the Tetris programs for PC (out of the ones I've seen). It's simple to get into and...what else can I say? It's fucking Tetris. You can also change the sound effects and images if you go digging into the files. See: Example A


A fun break-out game! It's got some custom maps which are just as fun to play as the original set of maps.


If you had Windows XP back in the day, or hell even something older, then this needs absolutely no introduction. The man, the myth, the legend. Have fun wasting many, many hours.

DOOM (1993) g

This is my favorite fucking game ever. I've played this upwards of 15 times and have loved playing it every single time. Go look at my boomer shooter page to see me obsess about it sometimes! But I digress. This download link does have a lot of content, but if you're new to DOOM and just want the game, click on "show all" under download options, then find "DOOM Full Collection.iso" and click on "view contents." What you'll want is the files with the WAD extension; that's the entire game right there. In order to run it, you'll need a sourceport. Don't know which one to use? Try this one. It keeps the classic feel and look of the original game while also implementing mouse and controller support. It also does all this while being easy to run custom WADs! Have fun. :-]
(Also if you just wanna do it the easy way go buy it on Steam. It's like $5.)


I really don't talk about how much I love Pac-Man as much as I should. I've been looking for a good port for PC outside of the official re-releases on Steam and have mostly yet to find one, however this is a neat little port to play! It's played in browser, but if you'd prefer to download it here you go. It runs through DOSBox.


This has so many of the classics that we all loved to play. Chess, FreeCell, Minesweeper, SkiFree, etc. It has trouble running on its own, however. The first comment on the page tells you how you can get it to work, with this program right here. However in case the comment gets deleted, basically just download that program, extract the zip, then drag whatever exe from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack folder onto 'otvdm.exe' and there you go.



Bored with the original Solitaire? This one gives a great spin on it. It took me a second to understand, but once I did I wasted...way too many hours playing it which I will not disclose here. It's really fucking fun.


This game is based on/inspired by Signal Simulator, but it has become entirely its own thing by now and it's honestly incredible how much work was put into a game with this much in it only for it to be free. Throw some money at this dev if you can. It's an honestly relaxing game at first. You find signals from out in space and can decrypt them to better see their contents with upgrades, as well as drive around the forest to repair your sattelites and servers. Nothing seems too wrong at first...

...and then you suddenly remember you downloaded a horror game.


Speaking of horror games! This guy makes some fantastic horror games with a really unique style that never fails to inspire me. Most of his shorter games are free, however if you have a few dollars to spare I encourage you to send them his way.


Simple looking. Simple concept. Incredibly addictive. Shout out to my brother for showing me this. ♥


This is a recreation of DOOM (1993) made with the PICO-8 engine. Simple and fun to play! Goes for all the games made on the PICO-8 engine really.


Just...click on it.


Never have I cared so much about fictional whales on another planet. If for whatever reason you can't play, it Alpha Beta Gamer covered the game in a video with voice over. This really is worth your time (and should you choose, worth your money). The story the author crafts with something as simple as whales from space is just so good.


I love Bloodborne. I love demakes. So when I saw this I creamed. It's incredibly faithful to the source material while also bringing it's own pizzazz into it. The creator is also currently working on a Mario Kart clone entirely themed around Bloodborne with this sort of PS1 style to it. Keep an eye out!



PLEASE FUCKING GOD PLAY SIGNALIS I'M BEGGING YOU. It's a classic survival horror experience similar to such titles as Silent Hill 1 and Resident Evil 1. The story is so fucking rich with content and symbolism with little secrets and bits you'll only realize days after playing it. It's so fucking good. I am quite literally on my knees begging you right now. Please. Please play Signalis. Fucking please.


If you remember River City Ransom, this title is indeed related and set in the same universe! As such, it's styled like those old beat-em-ups with a lovely art style and super fun gameplay. Plus, you beat up people as girls. What more could you want?


A fun game made to simulate using the internet back in the late 90s! You play as an enforcer tasked to moderate online pages and spaces. It does a really good job at emulating the style of the time in every web page, and is overall just dripping with so much charm and effort. It has a sequel coming, as well as a spin-off. If you want a relaxing game experience, definitely give this a shot.


I'm very sad this game doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. SUFFER is a classic style boomer shooter in the same vein as DOOM, Duke Nukem, etc, while also bringing its own style to it. The fact that all the graphics are hand drawn adds such a unique look and feel to everything. I love playing this game a lot, and the creator definitely deserves the support. The OST is available on their Bandcamp if you love their music like I do.


The best game you'll ever hate. This entry goes out to my S/O (hi my love ♥) as they're currently obsessed with this game. It's a survival platformer that is, quite frankly, pretty fucking hard. However as hard as it is, it's equally as fascinating in terms of lore and fun to play in terms of game mechanics. If you like the base game enough then I recommend investing in the DLC. It includes 5 more playable characters as well as a whole bunch more lore for you to chew on!