Musicbee 🡵

This is my favorite music program to use. I fucking hate Spotify so I downloaded this on a whim and discovered just how nice it was. It will scan what folders you select for audio files to play, then categorizes them if you properly label your music files. It even has an option for you to categorize them on your own, and an option to connect to LastFM! I love using this thing, and I have it up and in the background constantly.

SpotDL 🡵

As I mentioned before, I hate Spotify and refuse to use it. This program allows you to download songs right from Spotify with just a link, and it automatically catagorizes songs as well (lists the album the song is on, the band that made it, etc). So if you use MusicBee you don't have to bother with manually filling all that out! I love using it so much.

FreeTube 🡵

I'll come right out and say that this program isn't the best in its current state, however I give it a lot of slack because it's in beta and actively being worked on. My computer is very low end, and as such Firefox takes a long time to boot up upon turning my computer back on in the morning (don't even get me started on Chrome). However FreeTube is very low-end and doesn't take up a lot of space in my processes. What's more, it's incredibly customizable and has a lot of great features—however their keynote is the fact that it is a private Youtube client. Which means Google can't take the data! I use this more than I use browser Youtube at this point, it's very nice.

HandBrake 🡵

This is a program that allows you to re-encode video files. If you ever notice that a video won't upload to a website or program (Twitter, Youtube, Vegas Pro, etc.) there's a good chance that the video isn't encoded correctly. What HandBrake does is re-encode the video file so that it works with whatever you need it to work with. I end up using this program a lot, however as much as it is a life-saver I do have to warn that it can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Handbrake will automatically try to crop your video files and it can be like wrestling an alligator trying to get it to cooperate if it crops a video wrong. 90% of the time it doesn't, but there's always that 10%.

Adapter 🡵

Like HandBrake this program re-encodes things, however it does more than just video files! It can handle a lot of file types and convert them into (almost) whatever you want. However like HandBrake, it can be a little picky and weird at times.

Twitch Recover 🡵

Like the name suggests, you can download Twitch VODs and highlights with this program at what quality you want! Simple to use and produces fantastic results.

IrfanView 🡵

I hate Windows' default image viewing program, and ever since I've downloaded this replacement I've never wanted anything else. It makes zooming in and out really easy, you can select an area and copy it to your clipboard, and it even has a variety of image editing options. I love this thing so much.

ShareX 🡵

Look I'm gonna be honest with you, if I could make love to a computer program I would need a hotel room and 24 hours with this one. You know the snipping tool? Fuck that; forget that even exists. This is the snipping tool and more. It not only has a snipping tool, but it can record gifs and video files. It has a color picker, it has a ruler, it can convert images, it can scan QR codes, it's got it ALL. I am not even joking when I say this is my favorite thing ever. Download this shit right now.

TransmissionQT 🡵

This is my torrenting client of choice! It's relatively simple to use, you just open a torrent file with it and it starts going. That's it really.


Okay, this is a little bit of a niche recommendation mostly aimed at those who enjoy ARG's and puzzles of the like. If you ever come across something that sounds like this in a video game or a puzzle or something like that, it's an SSTV signal that needs to be decoded with a program such as this. I like using this program the most, as you basically just launch it up and start playing your audio and it does the rest. It's not a trick I see used too often but either way it gets a recommendation from me.

Joy2Key 🡵

This program makes it so that you can map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to the buttons and joysticks on a controller! If you have a game with no controller support, this makes that possible.

7Zip 🡵

I'm putting this here for the like three people that still use WinRAR. This handles a whole shit-ton of compressed file types and makes it super easy to decompress files.


If you heard of a program called YT-DL that got shut down a while ago, I have great news for you! YT-DLP revives that and adds more. It's a program that works via command line and can download videos from Youtube into many formats, however the downside is that it can be rather complex to use for someone who is less than tech-savvy to use...

...but for those people, I have something for you!

THIS is a prepackaged version of YT-DLP I made myself (with a little help). This file includes instructions and .bat files you can run, throw a Youtube link into, and you're done. This is made to be streamlined for someone who doesn't understand the inner machinations of the program! If it tells you to update the program, simply go to the Github page and download the .exe, then delete the old .exe and put the new one into the folder.

BetterDiscord 🡵

I kinda hate Discord, and how it manages everything. This not only makes Discord look great, but also has BETTER themes than what Discord Nitro offers. There are a lot of plugins you can install to customize your experience and clean up the desktop app. There's sadly no mobile version as of now, but maybe we'll get one in the future.

Escargot 🡵

Miss MSN Messanger and Windows Live Messanger? Escargot revives it! Have fun!