These are my bookmarks! Aka where I host sites and browser extensions that I find useful, neat, or generally fun.

The only thing I won't include here are sites that lead to downloads of programs or software, as that's hosted in the media library. :3

Neocities pages get their own section at the bottom!
P.S: All the extensions will be for Firefox. Fuck Chrome.

LCD Monitor Test 🡕

This is a fantastic little page for testing your monitors and for finding out whether they need adjusting or not. Easy to use and always my go to when testing out a monitor.

Twitter Video Downloader 🡕

Self explanatory. Good site for downloading videos off Twitter.
Or, if you prefer something usable in Twitter itself...

Twitter Media Downloader 🡕

This extension is a life changer. It not only handles downloading videos off Twitter, but it also downloads all the pictures on a tweet into a .zip file. Again this is something that really only works on the Twitter site itself so if you don't use Twitter, you can just use the video downloader!

Get Youtube Thumbnail 🡕

For when you're too lazy to dig through the page source.

Every Noise At Once 🡕

Now this is a fucking banger of a site right here. This is a collection of a shit ton of music genres (pulled off Spotify's database) all laid out. You can CTRL+F and search any genre you want. What's more, if you look up a music artist it'll list off what genres they're under and allow you to explore (hopefully) similar sounding music! This site has allowed me to find a whole lot of really great artists and it's an honest joy just to go through casually.

Justin Guitar 🡕

I used to try learning guitar, but it ended up hurting my wrist too much. All the same, if you're looking to learn I really like the lessons provided here. It's pretty much all free, and the only things that aren't free are the things that are copyright.

SauceNAO 🡕

It's rather popular but I figure it's worth putting here in case someone doesn't know. It's a good image finder! And in the same vein...

Search by Image on Google 🡕

Makes using Google's image search a lot easier! You just right click and you can search. Wonderful.

Don't track me Google 🡕

Hey speaking of that bitch, don't let them track you.

Instagram Photo Downloader 🡕

I hate Instagram and I also hate how they wall you off if you don't have an account, so here's a photo downloader. The log in pop-up can also be solved with uBlock, but sometimes they change things up to make it harder to block. This site has worked for me pretty consistantly through their changes, so in case they find another way to fuck over uBlock users here's this. 🡕

Go on now. Click it.

Have I Been Pwned? 🡕

A good website for checking if accounts attached to an email address have had data leaked, such as passwords or IP addresses.


In case you ever need a decent list of proxy addresses. I've had good luck with the ones they provide here, so I hope it works just as well for you.

Web Paint 🡕

If you have ADHD like me this is a fucking blessing. It allows you to draw on a page; useful for any video lectures or anything that drags on. It's super fun. X3

Enhancer For Youtube 🡕

This is one I use a lot. It allows you to have your own Youtube theme alongside giving you a shit ton of new options and tools. I don't use Youtube without it tbh (unless I'm using Freetube).

Youtube Nonstop 🡕

Yet another extension that improves Youtube, because it's getting worse and worse. Removes the "Continue Watching?" pop-up that pauses your video.

Pronouns Key Generator 🡕

There's no point to this one honestly. Is just for funsies.

Rainy Mood 🡕

In case you ever want a constant loop of rain noise!

Type Pinyin Characters 🡕

If you type Chinese, this is a good site for typing out pinyin. It's been a good resource throughout my learning process. And similarly...

Type Chinese Online 🡕

This is good for if you wanna type Chinese out on a QWERTY keyboard!

MrBeastify Youtube 🡕


Neocities pages

(✧ ✧).。.:*☆

My wonderful girlboyfriend's page. I love them so much. ♥


I recommend their piracy guide page. I wanted to make my own on this website on the same subject, but they explain it in a very succinct way. Sharing is caring! :-]


Lot of wonderful old web gifs.


A whole collection of wonderful little resources from old web gifs and images to site links and materials.

🡕 vmu_

The page of a really talented artist.

Devil Town

An honestly lovely looking page with some wonderful taste in music.

🡕 Girl and Queer Bands

A HIGHLY extensive list of punk/hardcore bands run by women and/or queer centric bands! This is honestly my favorite page, I visit it so often.

White Desert

A directory of horror content from games to ARGs to videos and films.

Oddity Commoddity

Just a tad overwhelming to look at (in the best way possible) but a page with a neat links directory, owned by a talented artist. :3

🡕 A.N Lucas' Web Lounge

A great little site with some directories and a page with a borderline overwhelming amount of 88x31 buttons.

🡕 ComputerVirus

This. Certainly is a fucking website.